Phoenix Exceeds Its Innovation, Efficiency Goal

City Saves $25 Million
by Catherine Anaya
CBS 5 News Anchor

PHOENIX — The city of Phoenix has exceeded its goal of saving money through innovation and efficiency seven months ahead of schedule.

The City Council will receive full details at a council meeting on Tuesday. But city officials say the city has saved $10.6 million in the general fund and more than $25 million overall for the 2009-10 and 2010-11 fiscal years. That exceeds the general fund goal of saving $10 million.

“Through creativity and hard work, more than $10 million will go to parks, libraries, public safety, senior centers and other critical services,” said Mayor Phil Gordon. “Our hard-working employees and business partners are finding great solutions for continuing to provide excellent service to our community.”

The Innovation and Efficiency Task Force put together earlier this year is made up of a group of private-sector volunteers and city staff members.

The group has focused on consolidation, right sourcing, service cuts and revenue enhancements.

The group projects a total savings of more than $107 million over five years.

“Our process is bringing together business and government leaders to work through complicated issues and ideas,” said Councilman Bill Gates, chairman of the City Council Finance, Efficiency and Innovation subcommittee. “Their efforts are saving the taxpayers money, while improving the quality of life in Phoenix.”

The Task Force and City Council subcommittee says the group will continue looking for additional ways to save money and improve service.

POSTED: 5:42 pm MST November 22, 2010
UPDATED: 6:17 pm MST November 22, 2010

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