Statement from Bill Gates on the Reverse Lanes

On Tuesday, the City Council voted 5-1 to retain the reverse lanes.  Thanks to all of you who made your voices heard on this important issue.  In addition to keeping the reverse lanes, the Council voted to increase enforcement during the hours of operation, provide education in the community about the reverse lanes, study limited application of left hand turn opportunities at strategic intersections and improve signage on the reverse lanes.

Although traffic studies have shown that 7th Street and 7th Avenue are as safe as other major arterial streets such as 16th Street and 19th Avenue, I believe further enforcement and new signage will make these streets even safer.  However, it is going to cost money.  So that means my colleagues on the Council and I are going to have to decide which street projects will be delayed or cancelled to pay for these safety measures on the reverse lanes.

Finally, I’d like to praise Vice Mayor Nowakowski and Councilman Simplot for fighting hard for their constituents who are concerned about cut-through traffic in their neighborhoods.  I would ask those of you who use the reverse lanes to be respectful of their concerns and not cut through their neighborhoods and, of course, always drive safely.


Councilman Bill Gates