AZFamily: Blinking light on Shaw Butte baffled residents

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 11.23.07 AMA blinking white light shining at all hours of the night had some people in Phoenix stumped.

“It’s like a search light, like a beacon,” Renee Howard said. “At first I thought it was a helicopter and that they had their search light out and it stayed there.”

The blinking light, barely visible by day, really comes to life at night.

Howard first noticed it from her kitchen window at her home in North Phoenix about a month ago.

“It’s constant,” she said.

Eventually the light was tracked to a tower on Shaw Butte, but why it was blinking white like a strobe remained a mystery.

As word and speculation about the source of the light spread, it reached Phoenix District 3 City Councilor Bill Gates.

“It has been a distraction to some people; they’re out there trying to enjoy a nice evening and here’s this white bright light,” he said.

Gates launched a mission to solve the mystery. He said it was challenging getting anywhere at first.

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